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Kim R Martins Studio




Delta Flux

Installation, four individual audio channels, cassete players, loudspeakers cabinets, amplifiers and magnetic tape.

L 2.50 x H 3.20 x D 1.07 M.


  The system formed by the four audio modules, is connected by a magnetic tape loop that follows and bridges each point of the work's geometry in space.

The materiality of the sound device in the installation, configures a form of architecture, at the same time, the tape loop travels across space with magnetic encoded audio, composing with the various layers of sound expression inside the system. While each sound emission coalesces to the sensitive space, the multitude of articulations and sound repetitions expressed in the environment dissolves the linear aspect of the sound recorded on the tape, opening space to a more fluid and atmospheric configuration.


Work Selected on The open call: (Ocupe a Index) Galeria Index. Brasília-DF

Feb. 2021.

Photography work and documentation-

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