Kim R Martins Studio





   The world is on constant flux, the inertia of this movement pushes bodies, objects and perceptions around and along with the flow of things. This movement, although huge, most of the time, is absorbed by the back of our eyes as in a floating perspective, remaining unnoticed. Just like ignoring the movement of a car through space, while observing  it from inside of another one  moving at the same speed. The movement becomes background and the background remains as an imperceptible empty space.
  Hence, sound with It’s material perspective and unique dynamics  act as a sensorial activation element in objects, spaces and individuals.
  My work with these tecnologies, experiments on weaving with projections inside the specific and simultaneous operations of sound and visual languages, composing and forming expanding atmospheres through a multitude of spaces.
  Atmospheres composed by this imanent and constant flux of actualization, opening space for a perception of the moment, now. Bringing forward, this background of unceasing movement,  awareness and presence.